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All In One-Single Chat Platform

Improve Your Delivery Service With Optimized Routes & Real-Time Tracking

What is Team Chat?

Software that lets your team communicate with real time messaging

Increase Team Productivity

with these features

Bring your team together

Super Easy Team Messaging App for 1-1 or group discussions around your projects or shared interests

Secure Conversations

A safe workspace with username restriction and admin transparency. Regular security testing to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Attendance & Leave Bot

Advanced facial recognition w/ geofence marking, get your attendance and leave management system automated

Unlimited Message History

Travel down memory lane and get unlimited message history free forever

Endless Customization

Our Team Chat App has even more features to offer!

Screen sharing & Vid/Voice Calls

Conduct virtual meetings with your team with the advance feature of Screen Sharing and Audio/Video Calling

File Sharing

Never lose a file attachment again. Improve productivity by discussing and sharing ideas, projects and files.