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Delivery management

Build your delivery management service using Smart Tech Direct’s platform to save development time and costs. Our platform is fast, easy and completely customizable.

Deliver more. Perform better with us.

online marketplaces

Build your own feature rich online marketplace. We support all types of marketplaces. Sell products. Offer rentals. Provide professional services. Cater locally. Smart Tech Direct can help you do it all.

team chat apps

All in one single chat platform with real-time messaging. Communicate, collaborate, empower, and engage. 

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Geo-analytics Powered Reports

Integrate powerful reports into your delivery management system and have access to visual reports and trends.

Tracking & Route Optimization

Get delivery tracking system to monitor workforce in real time. Plan ahead with optimized routes for managing delivery services.

Screen Share & Voice/Video Calls

.Stay in closer touch and conduct virtual meetings with your team with the advanced features of screen sharing and video/audio calling.

Automated Dispatch & Delivery

Have your pick-ups and deliveries auto-assigned to your nearest and free delivery agents as soon as the order is prepared.

Unlimited Message History

Travel down memory lane and get unlimited message history free forever so you can stay on top of team and customer communications..

Mobile Workforce Tracking

Get optimized routes to reduce delivery time & cost, and track your field staff in real-time with powerful geo-analytics tools for better workforce productivity..

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