Smart Tech Direct will be your Network Security Company as our managed network security services provide high value and peace of mind.

Finding it difficult to keep up with your cybersecurity needs? Smart Tech Direct solutions eliminate the headaches and are designed to scale with your business.

Network Security Company | Smart Tech Direct

Incident Response Services

Smart Tech Direct’s incident response team provides proactive breach response for all of your security incidents

Why work with us:

Network Security Monitoring

Real time cyber security monitoring providing visibility of cyber threats with actionable threat intelligence

Why work with us:

Security Device Management

Are your IT teams stretched thin, resulting in ineffective infrastructure and frustrated staff?

Why work with us:

We aim to relieve the anxiety of your IT team by implementing security, incident and change management practices

These ensure your security technology investment is being properly configured and tuned, by our team of certified experts

Breach Response

All businesses are potential targets for cyber-attacks every single day.

Why work with us:

The average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million.

Plan your response now before it is too late.

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